It may not be easy,
but it will be worth it.

Mel Byrd

International Best Selling Author
Award Winning Speaker
Certified Life Coach

Coach Mel Byrd offers speaking, coaching and training services geared towards producing results and developing mastery. Her clients are interested in living a life beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. Allow her to guide you to that “sweet spot” in life which brings clarity in purpose and peace of mind. As a coach, Mel can help you identify the blocks to becoming your best self. As a speaker, Mel uses plain language and real-life examples to connect with her audience and leave lasting impressions. As a trainer, Mel shares simple examples to enhance learning that has an immediate impact. Hire Mel today and see the difference that she can make for you!

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Offering coaching services on how to excel personally and professionally by taking action and producing results.

Mel Byrd